Norfolk Car-Free Day 2021 is on Sunday 19 September!

COVID sadly means that this year's Car-Free Day won't be all that it should be, but we're hoping for another brilliant day of community events and play sessions across Norfolk (all following the latest government advice, naturally!)

Download and print off our consultation letter to get the

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About Car-Free Norwich

Car-Free Norwich is a campaign and pressure group, founded in 2018 by Norwich resident Matt White. It aims to raise awareness of issues around air pollution, public space and childhood freedoms caused by the dominance of private car travel in our city's transport system.

Norwich's size and topography means that it could easily be the most active-travel friendly city in the UK, with some of the cleanest air.

Our city was never designed for the motor car, and now it dominates our environment - bringing with it polluted air, myriad health problems, a sedentary population, loss of public space, and fractured communities.

We want to see private cars completely banned from the city centre (with some exceptions), and a dramatic reduction of car ownership in the residential areas.

Children are a kind of indicator species.

If we can build a successful city for children, we will have a successful city for all people.
Enrique Peñalosa (Mayor of Bogotá)


We know, a lot of people feel they couldn't live without their car. It is no surprise that so many people depend on their cars, when our whole society has been shaped around the automobile since the mid 20th Century.

But wouldn't it be lovely to not need a car? To live in a city with cleaner air, where our children can safely walk, cycle, and play outside independently? Where our public transport system is so efficient, clean and cheap that it makes car ownership ridiculous?

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